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Adiuvo is a latin word meaning "to help, aid and assist" and this really captures the spirit of our company.
We offer quality, capable, cost-effective help - the skill sets you need but only when you need them.
Our four areas of expertise are:
Adiuvo Business Support Ltd is owned and managed by two directors, partners both professionally and personally, based in our Christchurch home office. Together we have a wealth of information and over 20 years of experience in administration, management, recruitment and staff training. Our commitment to quality and strong business ethic have granted us success in our chosen fields.
How we differ from a temp agency is based on our guarantee you will always work with one or both directors ensuring we take complete ownership, responsibility and commitment for the service we provide. Working from our home-based office means no corporate overheads, no fixed hours, and the flexibility to work in a variety of methods to suit your business needs.
As advocates for the growth and development of small to medium size businesses, we aim to assist your business reach its full potential by "bridging the gap", lending our experiences and expertise to you for tasks you don't have the time for or the know-how to handle yourself. We enjoy the flexibility and variety of this type of work and get a huge thrill from helping others achieve success.
Our point of difference as business owners ourselves is the understanding we have of how important your business is to you, and how strongly you feel about value for money. 
Who we help:
Small to medium size business 
- Whether you are an owner manager needing a well earned break, need help with employing, training or managing staff, or have a short term project you want taken care of, we have the expertise to help.
Associations and Non-profit organisations
- Associations need the same array of administration resources as any business, but often on an adhoc basis only. Because of the wide range of skills required and the intermittent nature of the work, the cost involved in employing staff is not always warranted. At Adiuvo we have experience in Association administration tasks including marketing to members and membership drives.
A large proportion of businesses outsource work they do not have the time, resources, energy or expertise to do. This enables you to:
  • Focus on other business needs and your clients
  • Achieve quality results with less expense
  • Make your professional life easier
  • Give you more time for yourself and your family
  • Reduce the need to recruit and hire staff
  • Eliminate administrative hassles
  • Take a well earned break from your business
  • Take care of tasks that you have been "putting off"

Call us now on (03) 351 1589 for a free consultation,
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