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ADIUVO Management Services
Specialists in:

  • Relief/Interim Management
  • Field Support - Sales/Merchandising/
Data Collection
  • Management Coaching/Mentoring
  • Change Management

Employing a manager is an expensive, lengthy process. In a typical recruitment scenario it can take four months once the hiring and trial period are over before a company starts to see benefit from money spent. 
Adiuvo Management Services is for businesses who may need a manager or a supervisor right now - on a short or medium term basis:  to bridge a gap, assist with structural changes within a company, set up a branch office, or help an existing manager on a coaching and mentoring basis. 

Our point of difference is the leanness of our structure - no corporate overheads and you work directly with the principal.  We don't work to a template, every hour we spend with you is tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring you flexibility and maximum value for money.
Services we offer:
Relief/Interim Management
Do you need some time away from your business?  Do you have a gap in management due to resignation, extended sick leave, maternity leave or sudden departure? Adiuvo Relief/Interim Management is interim business minding by an experienced professional relief manager who will step in and run your business as you would yourself, with integrity and energy. Our Relief/Interim Managers are experienced professionals, results oriented with over 20 years experience in senior, middle and supervisory management roles.  As Relief/Interim Managers we are very hands on but will be as involved or as passive  throughout the assignment as you would like us to be.  With your guidance, we are able to step into your business and hit the ground running from day one.

Field Support - Sales/Merchandising/Data Collection
At Adiuvo we have the experience that enables us to work alongside your sales representative, merchandiser, market researcher or field staff, to support your individual or team on the job.  We can act as your eyes and ears when you can't be there. We offer individual sales skills coaching, handling objections, closing a sale and identifying what your customers really need from your representative.
Management Coaching/Mentoring
Good managers and supervisors are essential to any successful organisation.
At Adiuvo we understand the need to wear many hats while managing a business - technician, psychologist, accountant, coach, detective, diplomat.  At the very least a manager needs to relate well to those both above and below them. If you are in need of help with any aspect of the management cycle, Adiuvo can assist. From an unbiased, third person perspective, we provide a coaching and mentoring service that is as hands-on or as advisory as you require.  We can help you with staff appraisals and performance reviews, projects or program leadership, systems and procedures advice, crisis management, new market entry management or simple coaching on skills and strategies to strengthen the might of your team.
Change Management
Change management is all about the process, tools and techniques used to manage the people side of change to achieve a required business outcome.  It is a multi-step process that involves recognising the need for change, developing the necessary system and process adjustments, training employees on the appropriate changes and winning the support of those employees.  Often it is the final step that is the most difficult and time consuming, but the most rewarding to a business when it happens. Adiuvo can help you make the necessary transitions in your business, ensuring your changes are smoothly and successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits. Our managers are experienced, ready to step into your business and be as proactive as you require.
Benefits of Adiuvo Management Services:
Available at short notice, hitting the ground running from day one
All-in-one manager
Proven management skills
Independent & fresh perspective
Objectivity, not constrained by politics, personalities or disruptions
Resource efficiency
Cost efficient
Delivering results consistently and quickly
Avoids need for permanent headcount in tough economy
External know how
Speed of delivery
Ability to quickly fit in and get things moving
Loyal to your business objectives and profitability
Rates vary from $35 to $65 per hour (excl GST), depending on the complexity of the management service required.  In some cases, a fixed price contract may apply instead.

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