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Our vision for Adiuvo is born out of a concept to bring a high quality, personalised business suite to any and all organisations at a level of affordable financial commitment.  Having sat in many seats, we bring an array of skills, experiences, success and understanding each within our own right - melded together we deliver to you a dynamic, fun and formidable team with a personality and an insight into your needs, dedicated to your result. Our pleasure is adding value – we look forward to helping, aiding or assisting and ‘making a difference’ when called upon, for your business.
Kelley Sullivan - Director
An ex-Southlander turned Cantabrian, my philosophy is you never stop learning and that couldn't be more true in today's business environment in Christchurch.  I feel fortunate to be part of our generation where 'anything is possible' and this mind set has been reflected in both my personal and working life.  A mother of three, I am grateful to have been able to build my career around my children, working part time or full time as the need arises.
My working career has seen me in a number of different industries within a variety of roles. Experienced within corporate, government and small business sectors, I find I don't have a favourite - each is uniquely different in their own right. What is similar in the roles I have had that I have enjoyed the most are those that challenge me to really think.  My greatest strengths are my lateral thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills, and I enjoy putting these to the test every day.  I have a high degree of personal and work integrity and a proven track record in achieving quality results through accuracy and hands-on attention to detail.
The experience that I bring to Adiuvo includes strong skills in administration and office management, training and supervision of data entry and field collection teams, rental property management, and recruitment work.  I have worked in the building services industry, non profit associations, banking, market research, council and government agencies. For eight years I owned and managed a point-of-sale sales and service company, looking after the daily business operation, all office procedures, the sales team and customer accounts. I have travelled extensively throughout the United States and worked for a short time within a home audio technology company in California.
The distinctive blend of skill sets and perspectives that Maurice and I bring to Adiuvo complement each other in a unique and effective way, adding value to the skills we both own separately.  We look forward to working with you in the near future - we hope you will let us add value to your business.
Maurice McDonald - Director
North Islander by birth - and proud of it - originally from the rural Waikato but a Cantabrian now for many years, so the patch has most definitely shifted eyes! The influences of family, arts, community and business have shaped me personally and professionally over the last few years, leading me to a very satisfied point in my life right now. Being enthusiastic and passionate about people and performance has given me an ability to make a difference in every role that I have been part of.  My strength has been a trust and confidence others have placed in my decisions, being able to succeed in different environments under many conditions and with sometimes limited resources. As a leader of people I consider myself grassroots, roll your sleeves up, and just do it – never asking anyone to do something I am not prepared to do myself.
Having opportunities to be involved within such a diverse range of industries has given me the ability to develop a broad range of transferrable skills.   Throughout this time, I have been directly responsible for the implementation of systems and processes, recruitment, coaching, leading and development of teams and individuals, with an importance placed on fostering key relationships.  I am proactive, a sound decision maker with a strong ethical business acumen, and the ability to ‘think outside the square’.  Though goal orientated and motivated by a successful outcome, I also believe wholeheartedly in having fun along the way.
With a career as diverse as a Christchurch winter I bring to Adiuvo a comprehensive range of industry experiences to draw on. Beginning my career and sharpening my teeth as a self-employed commissioned sales agent, owning and operating a retail business at a young age, I then moved on to FMCG, government agencies, industrial, market research, packaging, rental property and the recruitment industry.  In senior management at both regional and national levels I have been responsible for the development of multi-site trade and retail stores, corporate and private SMEs, districts and branches.  I am a great advocate of giving back to the community and have done this by active involvement in a school board of trustees, personal community service and a current business in the community mentor.
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